[gaia] PicoPeering 2024

Redirigeixo missatge que m’ha arrivat i que originalment ve de la llista de correu de gaia. Aquí l’enllaç a l’original

Hi all …

Join us on Fri/Sat for a gathering of PicoPeers!

During 2002-3, around the time Freifunk (DE CWN) was forming, a group of early
open wifi activists from London & Berlin came together to exchange
knowledge and experience in building and establishing Community Wireless
Networks. A simple document, thePicoPeering Agreement http://www.picopeer.net/, was co-authored
to clearly state expectations and obligations in participating in such
community networks and to facilitate further wider connectivity.

Today, Freifunk and many community networks around the world use the
PicoPeering Agreement as a foundational document for their activities.

On Friday May 17 & Saturday May 18 many of the original geeks, activists
and artists along with other interested people are meeting in Berlin
once again, to reflect and celebrate the past, examine and question the
document in the context of the present, and discuss future improvements
and possibilities.

We invite all interested picopeers and friends to come and participate
in this event.

  • When: Sat 18 May, from 11:00 CEST until late in the evening
  • Where: Rooftop above c-base, Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin
  • Remote:https://jitsi.c-base.org/PicoPeers (both days)

The majority of the talks, discussions and remote video links
to the Battlemesh conference and other community network activists will
be be streamed on Saturday May 18 from about 12:00 onwards. There will be a BBQ

There will be an informal planning and hacking day on Friday May 17th to
meet and greet, collaboratively plan Saturday’s proceedings, and to
explore other emerging tech such as LoRa.

All are welcome to attend.

Free entry to all peers of course, but any/all contributions to help
cover event costs are welcomed.

  • c-base has kindly offered to help to organise the space availability &
    some setup/teardown. Many thanks to cven & others.

  • Freifunk has offered to contribute the costs for the rooftop venue.
    Many thanks to Andreas Bräu for making this happen.